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"A lot of the creating that I do, I do because I want to tell stories and share experiences that I feel aren’t being represented elsewhere. There aren’t a lot of narratives right now about transness and particularly non-binary identity out there that I have found completely resonant. There’s such a diversity of experiences, and I’ve been working on this in hopes of answering some of my own questions about gender, while helping other people to think about and find things that are meaningful and resonant with them."


"A new album of Jewish music by Syd Bakal, paired with one or more virtual Jewish singer-songwriter events and possible in-person music performances, circumstances permitting. All profits will go to COVID-19 relief organizations (Crisis Aid International and Black Belt Community Fund)."

Syd head shot 2020.JPG

October, 2020

Jewish Rock Radio’s Jewish Star North American Talent Search is an initiative designed to identify emerging music performance talent in the Jewish community with a passion and desire to impact the Jewish world. Participants create video submissions individually, or as part of a group, showcasing their talent, along with an application sharing how they would use their talent to have a positive impact on not only their community, but also Jewish communities everywhere. A group of nationally renowned Jewish music artists and educators will review the entries and determine 18 individuals to receive exclusive opportunities to expand their skills so they can make an even greater impact on their communities and Jewish world.

November 20, 2020

Armed with a guitar, their voice and a cardboard box, Syd Bakal ’22 released their first song last month, titled “In Love.” Even though they penned this piece in their first year of high school, they chose to return to it now, six years later.

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